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Soft Pack Float

Salt Spa Soft Pack Float Treatments are pure euphoria, starting with a gentle body exfoliation treatment. Following, is a sumptuous wrap treatment and a heavenly float on the soft pack system, in a pressure-free cushion of water. While relaxing, you’ll receive a scalp and facial massage to calm your mind and soothe your spirit. The Soft Pack Float is not recommended for those who are pregnant.

We offer a nourishing and a detoxifying. Nourishing is recommended for dry sensitive skin. Detox is detoxifying and helps relieve sore muscles and joints.

Clients must select the type of float when booking, as all products are premixed before the appointment.
Individuals only- cannot be a couple’s service

Soft Pack Float & Massage

30 minute float & 30 minute massage

Detox | 365

Nourishing | 365

Detox Mud

The use of warm mud helps detoxify your skin and body and helps relieve sore muscles and joints

50 minutes | 260

Nourishing Crème

This treatment of pure decadence is recommended for dry, sensitive skin. You’ll be covered head-to-toe in ultra-rich Swiss Goat Butter Crème and nourishing oils.

50 Minutes | 260



Aromatherapy | 20

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